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SAMAR has been working in different fields for the past 14 years in partnership with OSF, Oxfam GB, Oxfam-Novib, ActionAid, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), USAID (CVP), International Union against Lungs Disease (Union), Campaign for Tobacco free Kids (CTFK) and others. Following are the details:

1- CVP-USAID: (Cycle-3) Impact of 18th Amendment on District Governance 2013 which includes;
• Training of 30 civil society organizations to monitor working of district governments in Punjab province
• Policy dialogues on monitoring reports
• Publishing of Policy Monitors

2- CVP-USAID: (Cycle-4) Media Monitoring on Local Bodies Election Coverage by Electronic and Print Media 2013-2014 which includes;
• Establishing a full-fledged electronic media reporting room
• Local bodies election coverage monitoring and analysis reports
• Report launching at four provincial headquarters

3- Oxfam-Novib: Media Initiative for Disaster Reduction which (2013) includes;
• Inclusion of Disaster Reporting in Mass Communication Curriculum of Public Sector Universities
• Investigative disaster reporting (videos and written) by students of three universities

4- OxfamNovib-BSWA: Civil Society Capacity Building on International Obligations under UN Framework of Rights 2013
• Developed Toolkit / handbook for preparation of the Human Security Report. The Toolkit was prepared for Oxfam Novib partners in Citizens First Project.
• Hand Book on Advocacy, Lobbying and Campaigning for Oxam Novib partners in Citizens First Project. The Hand book is prepared for three-day training of campaigning organizations
• Civil Society Position Paper on International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR). The civil society position will support a national campaign in compliance and reporting on ICESCR.
• The National Plan of Action on ICESCR to be proposed to the overnment, because government is required o develop National Plan of Action but so far process not initiated even this that ICESCR is ratified. This NPA shall be proposed to government from civil society.

5- Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids (CTFK-Washington based): Legislation for Tobacco Control in Pakistan and laws implementation monitoring Since 2007

6- Union: (UK based): Tobacco Taxation and Technical Support to Government of Pakistan Since 2011

7- FES: Monitoring of general elections’ coverage by electronic media 2013

8- FES: Strengthening Democratic Media in Pakistan Since 2008
• Promoting media literacy
• Promoting plural and democratic media
• Publishing quarterly ‘Media Review’ in Urdu language

9- Oxfam GB: Media for Advocacy around Livelihood Issues at National Level 2006
• Investigative special reports by journalists on flood and drought disaster
• Video documentary on livelihood issues

Oxfam GB: Improving disaster reportage for better disaster management 2005
• Journalists’ training on disaster reporting
• Video documentary on “News for Whom?

10- ActionAid: Documentary Film on fisher folk people struggle 2007

Media Mirror

Fortnightly E-magazine, Media Mirror (launched by Society for Alternative Media and Research) concentrates on Media and its interlinked issues.

Media Review

The organization is publishing quarterly Media Review in Urdu language for the past three years. In 2011, the project's target audience.