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Disaster Reporting in Syllabus

1- Media Initiative for Disaster Reduction in Pakistan: Introducing disaster reporting in mass communication syllabus at university level. The purpose was to Inform, improve and deepen the understanding and analysis of media with special reference to disaster and multi-hazard risk reporting in Pakistan. Deans and chairpersons of mass communication departments of 15 public universities in a meeting held at Islamabad approved the syllabus. (Oxfam-Novib, 2013)

2- Media for Advocacy around Livelihood Issues at National Level: Investigative special reports by journalists on flood and drought disaster, Video documentary on livelihood issues. (Oxfam, 2010)

3- Improving disaster reportage for better disaster management: Journalists’ training on disaster reporting, produced video documentary on “News for Whom? (Oxfam, 2009)

4- Produced a documentary film on fisher folk’s struggle for their rights (ActionAid, 2009)


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