Society for Alternative Media and Research

Media Monitoring

CVP-USAID: (Cycle-4) Media Monitoring on Local Bodies Election Coverage by Electronic and Print Media 2013-2014 which includes;

• Establishing a full-fledged electronic media reporting room

• Local bodies election coverage monitoring and analysis reports

• Report launching at four provincial headquarters

FES: Monitoring of general elections' coverage by electronic media 2013

FES: Strengthening Democratic Media in Pakistan Since 2008

• Promoting media literacy

• Promoting plural and democratic media

• Publishing quarterly ‘Media Review’ in Urdu language

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Media Monitoring Anual Report

Monitoring of election coverage by electronic media (1-6 May)

Watching the Watchdog Dec


Media Mirror

Fortnightly E-magazine, Media Mirror (launched by Society for Alternative Media and Research) concentrates on Media and its interlinked issues.

Media Review

The organization is publishing quarterly Media Review in Urdu language for the past three years. In 2011, the project's target audience.