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Election Coverage
The general elections has been announced in Pakistan in May, 2013. Political parties have already started their activities in this regard. Pakistani media are also preparing for full-fledged coverage of elections. However, keeping in view the concerns about objectivity, impartiality and balance in media, as discussed above, and impulse to manipulate media and control information by different actors in the elections, the need arises to keep an eye on the role of media and election coverage by them.

We have already witnessed a lack of experience and training in reporting election issues in 2008 in an ambivalent media environment. At that time, the Election Commission of Pakistan departed from its tradition of issuing a Code of Conduct for media during the elections and instead issued a directive to Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to monitor the operations of all TV channels including state-owned Pakistan Television, and ensure that coverage as to electoral activities of political parties and candidates till poling day were fair, un-biased and balanced. However, the PEMRA never issued any report during three months of electioneering.

A NEED to monitor
The media monitoring of elections coverage is done by PEMRA, the state-owned body. The ECP, while proposing Code of Conduct this time, has again directed PEMRA to monitor the election coverage whereas PEMRA failed to produce any report during the whole electioneering period in 2008. There is a need of fair, independent and unbiased monitoring of elections coverage by an independent and impartial body from civil society.
SAMAR intends to fulfill this need.
Monitoring, analyzing and preparing findings reports of Elections 2013 coverage by electronic and print media in light of Code of Conduct laid down by Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) and Pakistan Coalition for Ethical Journalism (PCEJ).
Most viewed current affairs Urdu language TV channels shall be monitored for pre, post and during election coverage, for which "Monitoring tools'and indicators" are developed in the light of Code of Conduct. Time and space allocated to different political parties and candidates and content of electronic media shall be scrutinized. The categories of media products to be monitored shall be:
1- Tickers/breaking news 2- Primetime Talkshows 3- Election special reports 4- Advertisements/paid contents

For monitoring purposes, a modest fully functional Media Monitoring Room is established at SAMAR office where monitoring of election coverage with all above mentioned aspects is under process and periodical analytical findings reports (before, during and after the elections) are being prepared. These reports will be available on the site starting from last week of April 2013.

Key Results Targeted
1- More than eight electronic media monitoring reports disseminated to all stakeholders.
2- Polling/result day special monitoring report
3- Overall comprehensive elections media coverage report

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Monitoring of General Elections Coverage by Electronic Media in Pakistan
- (3rd Weekly Report - 7-10 May, 2013)
- (2nd Weekly Report - 1-6 May, 2013)
- (Weekly Report - April 25-30, 2013)





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